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Spokane Photographer Makeup lessons

Mother’s Day is coming up. This means that we (we being Crystal of Crystal Madsen Photography and Evelyn of Makeup by Evelyn Mauro) are extra sentimental and emotional. When that happens, GREAT things begin to stir. We have so much passion for what we do in our careers that we want to share the benefits with our friends, families, clients, fans and strangers! This campaign all started when I, Crystal, hired Evelyn to give my teen nieces makeup lessons. I wanted to give them a head start on understanding makeup product, its purpose, how to apply it, when too much is too much, which colors work great for them, and wanted to give them a fun experience. Shoot, I was 32 when I finally decided to invest in my knowledge in skin care and makeup. I wish I would have cared more when I was a teen and taken better care of my skin! So, we were all in the studio…Evelyn sharing her valuable information, my sister asking questions and soaking everything up that was being taught to her teenagers, and the girls’ eyes lighting up when they could see the makeup enhance their features perfectly. It was such a rewarding experience that Evy and I immediately began texting each other that night sharing our emotions over it. Naturally, because my marketing brain never shuts off, I began spilling out ideas on how we can market yet another piece of our businesses that we love. At first we thought “Teen BFF Makeup Lessons & Buddy Pics.” We were rolling with ideas, props, locations etc. Then we both found ourselves discussing again how much we enjoyed the mother/daughter interaction that happened in my studio that afternoon. There were laughs, words of encouragement, and confidence shining through. True bonding between a mother and her daughters. So many positive elements derived from a simple makeup lesson that we did not expect.

SO, this is what we’re doing: Grab Mom, or grab your daughter(s) and come join Evelyn for custom one-on-one makeup lessons and skin care at Crystal Madsen’s downtown Spokane studio. Evelyn will cover skin-care product and procedure, makeup product, colors, techniques and answer any questions you have all while applying your makeup with perfect demonstration.Spokane makeup_3 Spokane makeupSpokane makeup_1
After your makeup lesson and application it’s time for laughs and memories in front of the camera! Depending on weather, the 20-minute mini-photo session will either take place in the urban scene just outside of the studio or at a nearby park. We only have a handful of days available to offer this fabulous experience, so act quickly. If you purchase before Mother’s Day we can try our best to email you a gift certificate that you can print and present to Mom on her special day!

Days & Times Available

2:00 Thursday May 19th (4:00 booked)
2:00 Thursday May 26th (4:00 booked)
Saturday May 28th (2:00 & 4:00 booked)

Makeup & Memories for Mom


Makeup lessons, application (for 2 ladies), 20-min photo shoot, and 3 digital images (add on ladies for $55 each)

Mini sessions spokane photographer

Book by emailing Crystal now!

114 W Pacific Ave #209
Spokane, WA 99201

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Mini Boudoir Sessions in Spokane

& Boudoir, Specials, Weddings.

Spokane sexy photography

Just in time for your anniversary and summer-wedding, Crystal Madsen Photography is offering mini boudoir sessions in Spokane on Sunday April 3rd. These sexy 30-minute boudoir sessions are perfect for giving that extra-special gift.  Maybe you just want a few images to create a digital album on his phone so he can glimpse at it throughout his workdays when he’s away from you, or you want an ultra sexy little-black-book of simmering images that he can flip through on his own time, or maybe you want a gorgeous piece of art to hang above your bed to remind him how sexy he makes you feel. Whatever your desire, this 30-minute mini boudoir session will cater to your most steamy requests.intimate photography spokane

All mini-sessions will be taken at my downtown Spokane studio and come with professional “just rolled outta bed after a hot night” hair and Makeup By Evelyn Mauro. You have seen our work in my most recent boudoir posts…we enhance and pull out your inner vixen with ease.sultry boudoir spokane best


$199-Makeup, Hair, 30-minute session and 3 digital images. No printing rights released (great for digital phone albums)
$349-Makeup, Hair, 30-minute session, 5 digital images with rights released to print, and a 5×5 little-black-book (appx 15 images)
$595-Makeup, Hair, 30-minute session, 10 digital images with rights released to print, an 8×8 high-quality album with sleek and sexy deep-matte pages (appx 25 images), and a 16×20 ready-to-hang canvas gallery wrap.

Additional product is always available to purchase after the session as well as purchasing your entire gallery’s digital images with rights released to print and reproduce.

Payment plans are available if requested (1/2 down to book, remaining 1/2 before March 31st)

We have limited availability but also need to book enough to make the day profitable so TELL YOUR GIRLFRIENDS! Email me or BOOK to guarantee your spot.

sexy boudoir photographers spokane


-2 outfits are perfect for the mini-sessions
-I shoot a lot of black and white so color doesn’t necessarily come into play
-A MUST for every boudoir session: high heals, black thigh highs, a garter belt, sexy panties and a push-up bra
-Ideas of things to bring: a sexy robe, a personal item of his (tie, button-up shirt, jersey/uniform), a sexy but loose/off-the shoulder sweater
-Make sure your garments properly fit. We don’t want them too tight to where they’re cutting into your skin, nor do we want them too loose to where we are not filling them out
-I will get as risque as you want. No clothes? No problem (as I throw out a fist-pump)!!!
-Review my recent boudoir posts on FB, Instagram and Google+. Make sure my style is consistent with your goals, I may not be the photographer for your goals.
-See poses I have done in the past? Start practicing! Holding some of these poses takes muscle control, strength, and confidence

boudoir photography in spokane


boudoir sessions in spokane

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Full Session Boudoir Info & Pricing

Crystal Madsen Photography
Spokane Boudoir Photographer

Photography Internships Spokane

& Boudoir, Engagement Sessions, Family Sessions, High School Seniors, Maternity Sessions, Specials, Tools of the Trade, Weddings.

Each spring I gear up for my extremely busy high school senior and wedding seasons knowing that they will be filled with late nights, long weekends and many hours on the computer. With the turning of the seasons, I consistently receive multiple requests from high school and college students as well as graduates asking to join my studio for job shadowing or internships to further their photography education and business skills. What an honor to be admired and trusted enough to share my knowledge and business practices with you!! Thank you!!
Not only does an internship benefit the student, but it also benefits me as well. While you will be receiving direct experience in shooting and directing an all-day wedding, posing couples and families, building and designing wedding albums, managing accounting software and so much more….I will be receiving help with crowd control, equipment assistance, social media management, product design and ordering, companionship and so much more!!
The internship is not a paid position, although there may be opportunities for compensation later in the summer if approached and discussed. The internship program is 6 months running from March 15th-September 15th. During that time, we will shoot approximately 8 weddings, 15 high school seniors and a handful of other miscellaneous sessions. You are not required to make all sessions, but the weddings are extremely important that you can make at least 90% of them.

If you are interested in being considered as an internship candidate, please read the below qualifications and expectations.

Required Qualifications:
  • Reliable and punctual
  • Have impeccable personal hygiene and professional attire/presence
  • Must love interacting with people and posses a friendly and outgoing personality
  • Available most Saturdays and some weekdays or weeknights
  • Able to carry approximately 35lbs for extended amounts of time
  • Able to withstand walking and being on feet for anywhere from 5-10 hours at a time
  • Have own reliable transportation
  • Have a genuine interest and passion for portrait/event photography
  • BE READY TO HAVE FUN AT WORK!! Anyone who has shot a wedding with me or has hired me as their photographer knows I require fun at my sessions. Days can be long, I want to have fun at my job!
Desired Qualifications:
  • Knowledge in Adobe Lightroom
  • Knowledge in Photoshop (Layers, Text and general transforming objects)
  • Practices proper email etiquette and possesses good writing skills
  • Have at least 2 years of experience photographing people
  • Have taken at least 1 class/course in photography
  • Knowledge in operating strobes or speedlights

If you feel you meet these, please email me a cover letter describing why you would make a great addition to Crystal Madsen Photography along with a resume and 3 references (not family members) with contact information.

Digital Cameras For Teens And Beginners

& Tools of the Trade.

With the gift-giving season approaching, I have had many photography students, clients and followers ask my opinion on which digital camera would be best for a beginning photographer or teen. My opening statement always begins with,  “It depends on your budget, how much you want to invest, and how far you think the teen will take their photography.”

It is difficult to know just how serious a teen will become, so spending a pretty-penny on a new digital camera is tough to swallow. It can definitely become an investment if you both choose to do so. It can also become a phase that the teen may grow out of.

I decided to write this blog because of the number of inquiries on a specific camera this season, the Nikon CoolPix L840.

NikonL840This inexpensive compact camera can be easily found at Costco, Amazon and other convenient locations. It’s appealing because of its low cost, wifi and video features and what’s included in the box (carrying case, batteries, and a memory card). This CAN be a great starter camera and an inexpensive way to “test” your teen to see how serious they will take photography. BUT, they will eventually become limited. This camera is not a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) which, very simply put, means the lens does not detach from the camera. The plus side, it is less expensive. The downside, it is very limiting to the photographer. While it provides a great focal length range (4.0 -112mm equivalent to 22.45-630mm in 35mm full frame format) that seems sufficient to cover everything you’ll want to shoot, it does not. Every lens that exists, serves a purpose. Each has their own unique characteristics that photographers use for very specific images. I alone own 5 different lenses (wish it were 10) in which each one serves a distinct purpose and gives me a different look for each image. I know exactly which lens I need to utilize when I have a specific vision for a photo. Not that anyone needs 5-10 lenses!! But as a wedding photographer, I run into countless opportunities where a tilt-shift or fisheye lens would add a nice piece of flair to the couple’s album. When you purchase a compact digital camera such as a Nikon Coolpix, you lose this ability and flexibility. Which may be just fine with you and the user! Again, it depends on how far the photographer wants to take their photography and how much you want to invest. If the teen hasn’t shown an obsession with photography or they’ve only shown a tiny interest or skill in taking pictures, then this might be a good buy. If the teen has been obsessed with photography, has been asking for months for their own camera, has taken high school classes, or you know they will turn your investment into years worth of learning this probably isn’t the camera for them.

Which cameras ARE great for teens or beginners who will most likely pursue photography for years? Or which cameras are so versatile that they’re great for kids’ sports, capturing family memories and taking impressive portraits? Well, lucky for you I’ve made a list of digital cameras that are available in December 2015 to help you narrow down choices!


Canon EOS 70D Body Only-$899

with 18-135mm lens-$1,199

Key Features:

20.2 Megapixels
19-Point Auto Focus
ISO 100-12,800 expandable to 25,600
7 frames per second
Built-in flash and hot shoe for external flash. Radio wireless transmission control is possible with 600EX-RT and ST-E3-RT

nikon d3300
Nikon D3300 with 18-55mm lens $650 (Frequently on sale for $400)

with both 18-55mm lens & 55-200mm lens $999 (Frequently on sale for $499)

Key Features:

24.2 Megapixels
11-Point Auto Focus
ISO 100-12,800 expandable to 25,600
5 frames per second
Built-in flash and hot shoe for external flash

nikon d3200

Nikon D3200 with 18-55mm lens $395

with 18-55mm lens and 55-200mm lens $876 (On Sale Now at B&H Photo for $396)

Key Features:

24.2 Megapixels
11-Point Auto Focus
ISO 100-6,400 expandable to 12,800
4 frames per second
Built-in flash and hot shoe for external flash

 In my opinion, the most important features to look for when purchasing your first camera is the ISO range (the larger the range, the more low-light situation possibilities), frames per second if you are shooting sports, and auto-focus points. With today’s technology you won’t find major differences when comparing apples to apples. I recommend Canon and Nikon because their brands are internationally known to be of great quality and you can find them at any electronic store. Canon is known for better lens quality and a more user-friendly interface while Nikon is known for a slightly better image-quality and ISO performance (less noise and grain than Canon). Both are great brands, you can’t go wrong!

My favorite out of this small lineup is the Canon 70D. Of course it is the most expensive of the three at $1,200, but this is for the more experienced and serious beginner who will make the investment worth it. With a higher ISO range, more focusing points, and faster frames per second the photographer won’t be as easily limited. But then the questions arises… will the photographer grow out of this camera and graduate to a full frame DSLR which can only be a few hundred dollars more? Unless you or the aspiring photographer are looking to make a living off of their photography eventually, a full-frame DSLR will not be necessary and the 70D is a great choice! If the photographer will eventually move on to a better camera, I would probably recommend spending the few extra hundred dollars and jump to a full-frame DSLR camera now.

If you are testing the waters with your own photography or are introducing a teenager to their first DSLR…and like most people, are looking for a great beginner’s digital camera under $500…both the the Nikon D3200 & the D3300 are perfect. Both will achieve great portraits especially with even outdoor lighting, both will allow you to capture sporting events  (again, especially outdoors like soccer, baseball and football. For indoor sports, I would urge you to go with the D3300 out of the two because of the low light), and they are both lightweight which is great for traveling and carrying on your body. You can find great online deals around the holidays at,, or B&H Photo. And of course try our local Huppin’s as well, they advertise that they will beat any online price!

Now, don’t go out and buy these awesome gadgets and not learn how to use them! I cannot tell you how many people I come across who invest hundreds and thousands of dollars on their photography but keep their cameras on the Auto mode. These cameras are made to do phenomenal things, but YOU have to tell it to do so. The camera cannot read your mind and deliver the photo vision in your head. It might get lucky once in a while, but I guarantee you will get frustrated because it does not consistently deliver what you want. YOU need to understand your equipment and tell your camera what you want it to do.

I offer group photography workshops in spokane as well as one-on-one tailored camera lessons to teach you everything you need to know to begin your path to photography passion. Go to my photography coaching page to learn more!

Spokane Photographer

Confidence and Spokane Boudoir Photography

& Boudoir, Weddings.

I’ve said it 100 times and I’ll say it again, “Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have, it is much sexier than any body part.” I’m not sure where I first heard or found that quote, but I have fallen in love with it. Offering Spokane boudoir photography, I get to experience different levels of confidence in many different women. All shapes and sizes trust me to make them feel comfortable while they pose in lingerie in front of my camera…what an honor and compliment!!! This specific beautiful woman whom I am featuring on my blog today, has made such an impression on me that I know I will never forget her. We will call her Miss S. :)
When Miss S. contacted me for boudoir photos, she mentioned that she wanted to put a spin on it. She was a new mother and wanted to document her new body. No longer did she have her pristine, smooth, unstretched skin.  No longer did she fit into her pre-baby lingerie that she once posed in for previous boudoir photos. She was a new woman. She is now a beautiful mother who takes pride in her drastically changed body. She asked if I would be willing to do such a thing. Damn straight I was!! WOW!!
When Miss S. strutted into my downtown Spokane photo studio I was simply enamored by her confidence. We talked about her new 6-month old baby girl and how Miss S. wanted to show her daughter one day that beauty doesn’t have to be a perfect size 2. Beauty doesn’t have to be pristine. Beauty is you, how you are today. Confidence is beauty. You are beauty and your life is beautiful. Again, wow. Miss S. is already preparing for her daughter’s mentality and body image at 6-months old. Good job and props to you Miss S. I admire your principles and what you are instilling into your little Miss S. All women can take a lesson from you by embracing their natural beauty and spreading it to all of those around them. You’ve infected me with your confidence and I thank you for that xoxo
Boudoir photography in spokane, wa Sexy photos spokane Sexy spokane boudoir photography Sexy spokane boudoir photography high quality photography spokane spokane boudoir photography Boudoir Photography in spokane, wa Fun Boudoir Photography boudoir photography in spokane tiger stripes confidence Mother-Daughter Confidence Baby Buns Mommy & Me Mother DaughterMakeup By Evelyn Mauro
Hair by Lindsey Duvanich
Spokane Boudoir Photographer

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Spokane High School Senior Portrait Models

& High School Seniors.

High School Photo Models in SpokaneAre you the type of teen that LOVES having your picture taken? Do you change your Facebook profile picture weekly? Or Daily? When you and your friends hang out, is it a requirement to snap the perfect picture to show how much fun you are having together? Do people tell you that you have a contagious smile?Spokane Senior Models If you answered YES to ANY of these questions, then you’ve GOT to consider becoming a high school senior portrait model for me!Each year, I select a handful of models to positively represent my studio to help grow my business and get my name in front of as many high school teens as possible. Ask any of my former models and they will tell you how much fun we had on our photo shoots, how great the benefits are, and what a great experience they had.
I choose representatives who are responsible, dependable, FUN, outgoing, creative, original, stylish and who are involved in extra-curricular activities. I want people who love to show off their unique personalities and who cannot get enough camera-time!Unique Senior Picture Ideas This year, the following benefits will be included in my modeling program:
-Free modeling photo sessions
-Hair and Makeup application provided by Makeup By Evelyn Mauro
-$10 Product credit for each booked referral
-Multiple watermarked Facebook marketing images
-25 Personalized representative marketing cards
-1 Mini-Accordion marketing book
-50% off of an additional summer photo session if model chooses to do sospokane senior pics boysIf this sounds like a program you are interested in, you’d like to have your senior photos taken for FREE, and you truly believe you will be the BEST Spokane High School Senior Portrait Model, then please go to the link below and fill out the application. If I believe you and I will make a great team, I will follow-up with an email with further instructions!

I will choose my models by March 15th, complete our photo sessions by April 15th, and have marketing materials in your hand my May 1st.
I am so excited to meet you!!
Spokane Senior Portraits PhotographerCrystal
114 West Pacific Ave #209
Spokane, WA 99201
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Outdoor Engagement Spokane

& Engagement Sessions.

If you know me at all, you know that my husband and I have a great height difference, and I love it.  So when I meet up with a couple that has a pretty sizable height difference, I really look forward to the different angles that I get to use to capture the couple together.  This outdoor engagement session was even more than what I could ask for in a shoot, as Amanda and Josh gave me a great combination of laughter, emotion and true romance, and it was perfect.
These two were definitely fun to work with on their engagement session in People’s Park in Spokane.  The weather was amazing, giving us crisp sunshine and a golden glow upon the ground and leaves that was to die for.  They let loose and got into the shoot with some fun poses, which brought out the natural and genuine smiles from both of them.  Besides being a great couple, the backdrop of these two was gorgeous!  Offering multiple textures of grasses and changing leaves, with their perfectly chosen outfits, gave each shot a different look and feel.  It was perfect to say the least, and I am excited to photograph their wedding!

Amanda  Josh_004 Amanda  Josh_007 Amanda  Josh_010 Amanda  Josh_019 Amanda  Josh_021 Amanda  Josh_025 Amanda  Josh_027 Amanda  Josh_028 Amanda  Josh_030 Amanda  Josh_033 Amanda  Josh_035


114 W Pacific #209
Spokane, WA 99201

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Gorgeous Settler’s Creek Wedding

& Weddings.

Photographing weddings at new venues is always a thrill. This gorgeous Settler’s Creek wedding was no exception. Being a wedding photographer in Spokane, the majority of weddings of course take place in Spokane. It’s a treat when my couples take me outside of the area, even if it is only to Coeur d’Alene, ID. If you haven’t been to a wedding at Settler’s Creek, then you probably aren’t familiar with it. When I first arrived, my first thought was, “Wow. I could shoot here for hours!” Good thing I was there for a wedding, because that’s exactly what we did! The wooden gazebos, red barns, weathered farm tools, towering silos, bistro lit dance floor, and green meadows is a wedding photographer’s dream venue.
Now, with that being said…take a look at my couple. Let’s just say, it was tough to take a bad picture with these two and the setting we were in. Jackie and Eric (and their bridal party) were some of the most photogenic people I have worked with. To say we had a good time working with all of them would be an understatement. One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is allowing the bridal party to be themselves and take a fun picture with their bride or groom. It’s always a kick to see what best friends come up with. I belive we were in tears multiple times during Jackie & Eric’s day.

Enjoy the gorgeous wedding photos we captured for these two, and leave a comment to give them some love!
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Venue: Settler’s Creek
Makeup: The Makeup Studio
Cupcakes: Sweet Frostings

Spokane Wedding Photography
114 W Pacific Ave #209
Spokane, WA 99201

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Spokane Convention Center Wedding

& Weddings.

This Spokane Convention Center wedding is definitely in my top 10 for the year. Not only was the couple over-the-top genuine and appreciative, their families were just the same. Being welcomed into two families with open arms on a wedding day is one of the best rewards as a wedding photographer. Stress levels can run high on the big day, but when I can feel the evident respect and trust from everyone around me, the stress is almost non-existent. So I thank you Mummas and Bergers, you guys were the best!! You provided the perfect environment to achieve beautiful wedding images for Kylie and Ryan. Now, onto the details of this picture perfect wedding day! Kylie and her bridesmaids started out at the Glen Dow Academy to have her blonde hair tussled up delicately by Sadie Clemenson. When Kylie asked my opinion whether or not she should don the jewel encrusted headband, my response was, “Absolutely, a bride can never have too much bling!” Next stop was to visit the talented Julie Farley with The Makeup Studio. But first we had to snap a candid photo of all the girls sporting their custom-made bridesmaid tanktops on the streets of downtown Spokane. After Julie touched Kylie with her skilled gift of makeup-artistry, we headed to the final destination for our Spokane Convention Center Wedding. This was my first ceremony that took place on the floating bridge of the Convention Center, and I loved it! The bridge created an intimate seating area for family but still allowed for a phenomenal view for the hundreds of other guests seated behind them. Kylie chose an elegant alter piece from Belle Journeé Events to accentuate the focal point and the entire ceremony was lit by the evening summer sun. Breathtaking. The vast venue was decorated with precise care thanks to Beth and Lauren with Design By Occasion. There were floral arrangements at every step and crystals on each table to help glamorize the day. These two women expertly coordinated the design and flow of the day with perfection! Although the hot summer temperature did not drop off once the sun went down, we still partied and celebrated the couple’s union on the Spokane Convention Center Rooftop. Lance with Big Show Mobile Entertainment provided one of the best lighting set-ups I have seen at the convention center. A custom monogram embellished the dancefloor and the tents were splashed with Kylie and Ryan’s wedding colors. This definitely set the expectations of a party to remember. Once the dance music began, there was no stopping this group…until of course closing time came. We saw Kylie and Ryan off with a line of their closest family and friends showering them with confetti as they shouted their congratulations and love. A perfect ending to a perfect day. Congrats you two!! xoxoxo Wedding details Wedding Shoes Wedding rings with bouquet Wedding Preparation Mother of the bride Bridesmaids Wedding Preparation Photos Intimate wedding details photographers in spokane 1st look spokane Spokane Convention Center Wedding Carousel Wedding Photo ariel wedding angle Beautiful Wedding Photos Spokane summer wedding spokane Spokane Convention Center Wedding Spokane Wedding Spokane-Wedding-Photographers_011 Riverfront Park Wedding Bouquet Face groomsmen sunglasses String Quartet Spokane convention center weddings Spokane Convention Center Wedding Gives this bride away laughing bride Photojournalistic weddings Spokane Convention Center Wedding summer wedding in spokane photojournalistic wedding Spokane Convention Center Weddings Spokane photographers Special wedding photos spokane Big Show Mobile Entertainment Wedding sparkly wedding details Unique Wedding Photography 1st dance wedding wedding receptions wedding toast Colorful Weddings Spokane bouquet toss Spokane Wedding Photographers Grand wedding Spokane Convention Center Weddings Sunset in spokane


Hair: Sadie Clemonson Glen Dow Academy

Makeup: Julie Farley The Makeup Studio

Flowers: Garden Spot Floral

Coordinator: Desing By Occasion

DJ: Lance Big Show Mobile Media

Props/Rentals: Belle Journeé Events

Venue: Spokane Convention Center


Spokane Wedding Photographer

Crystal Madsen Photography

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Fun Senior Girl Photographs

& High School Seniors.

Courtney came to me with a ton of ideas about what she wanted to do for her shoot, and I was incredibly excited to shoot with her because of that.  She wanted to really show off her fun and unique side as much as possible, while still giving us the subtle smile and sweet look for everyone to see.
With all of the locations and ideas flowing out of Courtney, her mom and myself, we had a great time capturing the perfect photographs.  Some of the best were the school bus shots.  I have never shot in a school bus before, and thanks to Durham bus services, we set up her idea and she rocked it.
Senior photo shoots like this one, make it so fun for me!  Thanks Courtney for bringing so many ideas and styles to your session, it was a blast!

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114 W Pacific #209
Spokane, WA 99201